They were the stars of yesterday, but you won’t believe what they’re doing in retirement

Michael French – 60 Years

Let’s all agree that Michael French is one of the most recognizable faces on the cast of the BBC serial drama ‘EastEnders.’ With his portrayal of David Wicks, this actor won over viewers and quickly became a major draw for the series.

As a consequence of fans’ incessant demand for more of French, even after he had left the show for good, his character was brought back to life in 2012. We hope French will return to production soon, although he hasn’t worked on anything since 2014. After all, we don’t often get to see skill on such a level as his.

Richard Chamberlain – 88 Years

Fortunately for us, Richard Chamberlain loves acting too much to take it easy despite his age. The more challenging the roles, the better it is for him! In 2018, the veteran actor performed for the first time in a horror film; he played the sinister Dr. Leneer in the ‘Mirari’ segment of ‘Nightmare Cinema.’

It isn’t surprising that Richard can pull off any complex character to perfection, given his 65 years of experience in cinema and theater. In the early ‘60s, he shot to stardom as a teen idol with his brilliant portrayal in ‘Dr. Kildare.’ Besides acting, he is also a fabulous singer whose songs, including ‘Love me Tender,’ have topped international charts.

Penelope Keith- 82 years

Penelope Keith’s ‘To the Manor Barn’ became the most watched British television show in the 1970s. The show had over 20 million audiences, and Keith, already basking in the immense success of ‘The Good Life,’ became the comedy queen of the small screen. With a career spanning sixty decades, the multi-talented star continues blessing us with her presence through theatres and hosting TV and radio shows.

Keith, who is in her 80s now, serves as a Deputy Lieutenant in Surrey and has been supervising the Actors’ Benevolent Fund as its president since 1990. The thespian also received the title “Dame Commander” from the British Empire in the 2014 New Year Honours for her contributions to art and charity.

Sandra Sully – 61 Years

It takes hard work and passion to be on top of your game for over three decades, and Sandra Sully has made it look easy. The acclaimed Australian journalist has been in the media business since 1988, wowing the masses with her eloquence and charm whenever she’s presenting the news.


Sully is among the top respected editors in the industry, and considering her extensive experience; it’s easy to see why. The newsreader has worked with several broadcasters, including ’10 News First’, and she made history when she became the first woman to co-host the Melbourne Cup carnival broadcast. She might be in her sixties, but Sully doesn’t look like retiring anytime soon.

Johnny Mathis – Age 86

With more than 400 million records sold to this date, Johnny Mathis remains an icon of popular music, becoming the third top-selling artist of the 20th century after the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra.


Despite being known as the voice of the ‘50s, Mathis continued to release successful songs well into the 21st century, with his latest single ‘Sending You a Little Christmas,’ released in 2013. His name was recorded three times in the Grammy Hall of Fame, and 73 of his songs made it to the top Billboard Charts. His success story is inspiring, as his latest performance in 2016 was sold out.

Tony Dow – Leave It To Beaver, Born in 1945

Tony Dow was only 12 when he made his debut as an actor in the popular series ‘Leave It to Beaver.’ In the six years that the series aired, he quickly became a household name with a bright future in acting. He featured in various television shows before reprising the role of Wally Cleaver two decades later.

Aside from a successful career as an actor, he tried his hand at directing and created visual effects for television programs like ‘Doctor Who’ in the late ’90s. Post his retirement in the early 2000s, Tony became a reputed sculptor; some of his abstract bronze sculptures were displayed in art shows in Louvre, Paris. Since 2021, he has been battling a grave illness.

Kelly LeBrock – Born in 1960

When Kelly LeBrock divorced Steven Seagal in 1994, the media seemed to have run out of reporting other things. So, the woman relocated to Santa Barbara and started life as a rancher with three young children! Needless to say, she slowly stopped appearing in films until some sources revealed in 2021 about her quitting acting.


Back in the ‘80s, this actress was quite the talk of Hollywood. After watching her portray a perfect engineer in Weird Science, fans started keeping up with Kelly’s new movie releases. That’s also why they’ve been naturally wondering where she has disappeared – well, now we know the answer.

Annette O’Toole — Born in 1952

Annette O’Toole was born in 1952 and grew up in her mother’s dancing studio. Her first TV appearance was at the age of two, and by 13 years, she already had taken 10 years’ worth of singing and dancing lessons. Annette moved to LA with her mom in their search for a career break, and after two months of searching, she got a professional role to dance on the Danny Kaye Show.


Without a doubt, her singing and dancing training opened so many doors that otherwise would’ve been closed to her. O’Toole is glad she found her career early. She believes that it is the discipline she received from being an actor that has set her apart from the crowd.

Paige O’Hara — Born in 1956

Born in 1956, Paige O’Hara is a famous American actress, painter, and singer who has received recognition for voicing the character, Belle, in ‘Beauty and the Beast.’


Paige’s success as an actress is largely attributed to the training she received in childhood—she started taking acting classes from the age of 4 and singing classes from the age of 9. O’Hara also attended a school of performing arts where she trained to be a professional actor and singer. Now in her 60s, the actress continues to work with ‘Disney Fine Art’ as a painter. She has a trail of admirable legacies for which she will always be held in high esteem.

Angela Lansbury – Born in 1925

Angela Lansbury has lived through all the great events of the past century, including both world wars! With a career that spans for nearly eight decades, the British-Irish motion picture actress in her nineties is still up and about like a champ.

The golden-age star is classy, elegant, and above all, she is super hardworking. The six golden globes, five Tony awards, and even an honorary Oscar, all prove her incredible action on the screen! Even though Angela is not in her prime anymore, she is just as beautiful, and her eyes speak of wisdom we might not understand yet.

Larry Hankin – Born in 1937

Larry Hankin is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces in character acting. He started acting in his early 30s and has appeared in many notable roles. The short film ‘Solly’s Diner,’ which he wrote, directed and starred in, earned him a nomination for Best Live Action Short Film at the Academy Awards in 1980.


Aside from acting, the multi-talented entertainer had once shown interest in politics; he ran for Vice President of the United States with presidential candidate Connor Ratliffin in 2012. Larry is also a brilliant author. In his book ‘The Loopholes Dossier’ published in 2019, he compiles his fables, comic, and satiric rants. The celebrity has built a good name for himself over the years, and we certainly won’t get tired of seeing him on our screens.

Park Hae-soo – Born in 1981

Widely considered among the greatest performers from Asia, Park Hae-soo is an undoubted legend in the film industry. The star has an impressive acting portfolio that can make anyone jealous, with blockbusters like ‘Squid Game,’ ‘Time to Hunt,’ and ‘Prison Playbook’ among his most notable productions.


Since making his big-screen debut in 2007, the actor has been going strong, and he doesn’t seem like hanging his boots anytime soon. Considering that he’s still in his forties, we bet the best is still to come from Hae-soo, who is set to headline several big-budget films and television shows. The lad has enjoyed massive success so far, and we do not doubt that his wife has played a significant role.

Lee Byung-hun – Born in 1970

When we talk about the most iconic acting exports from Asia, Lee Byung-hun’s name always comes up. The star has appeared in countless commercially and critically acclaimed blockbusters like ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra,’ ‘Red 2’ and ‘The Magnificent Seven’ among others.


Lee has been in the film business for over three decades, and his hard work has seen his productions transcend international boundaries. The actor is doing well for himself financially, earning the big bucks with over $20 million in his coffers, which we do not doubt will increase as time goes by since he’s not considering retirement yet.

Kang Mal-geum – Born in 1979

You may know Kang Mal-geum from her performance on the fan-favorite drama series ‘Squid Game,’ but did you know that’s not her only prominent role? The actress is an experienced figure in Hollywood who began her career in 2010 and has since appeared in countless hit productions, including ‘Missing: The Other Side,’ ‘The Chase,’ and ‘Legal High.’


With several awards in her trophy cabinet, Kang has undoubtedly made a mark in the film industry, both in her native South Korea and abroad. The star might be in her forties, but she isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, and we bet we’ll see more of her work in years to come.

Heo Sung-tae – Born in 1977

Heo Sung-tae is a famous South Korean actor who rose to fame after delivering a thrilling performance in ‘The Age of Shadows’ film released in 2016. Still, the star had begun his showbiz career in 2011, starring in the ‘SBS’ talent show ‘Miraculous Audition,’ where he was massively successful.


While many people dive into the entertainment industry immediately after their school years, Heo did it differently. The acclaimed actor sold televisions for the LG Corporation before making his switch to the motion picture business, and the decision has paid off huge dividends. The ‘Squid Game’ star is still relatively young, and without a doubt, we’ll see more of his talent on our screens.

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