These Pictures Were Taken At The Perfect Moment And We Are In Awe

A picture captures a single moment in time, but not all moments are created equal. Some moments are just funnier, cooler, or more amazing than others. These quick photographers were able to hit their shutters at exactly the right time. It is thanks to them that these best moments are now immortalized forever.

Read on to see a real parenting faux pas, a bird that’s flying at just the right angle, and a lady who is about to step into a pool of trouble.

Put A Cork In It

Have you ever been hit square in the forehead with a champagne cork? I have. It’s not fun. The moment just before it happens is kind of funny though.

The lady in yellow looks blissfully unaware of the tragedy that is about to befall her beloved partner.


Prepare To Share

Seagulls have been known to steal a french fry or two, but a lick of your ice cream? That doesn’t happen as often.

The seagull’s top-down approach to snagging a snack makes for some perfect photo composition. Good job, seagull. You keep doing you.


When Your Favorite Uncle Drops The Ball

Uncle Tony is always running around with the kids, sneaking them extra cookies and playing baseball. But in a single moment, Uncle Tony went from favorite uncle to uncle who drops the children.

Get it together, Tony. We can’t have you dropping kids all over the place.


Seal, Meet Glass

This seal hit the glass a little too hard and a little too fast. His poor face got all smushed up, but the whole event made for a hilarious photo.

Isn’t wonderful how seal bodies are so squishy and malleable? I wish all bodies were like seal bodies.


Just A Little Bite


Never point at a duck. Ducks don’t take to kindly to being singled out by a human figure. This picture is a clear warning.

That girl is happy now, but in a fraction of a second, she’s going to have a much different expression on her face.


Hang In There, Baby

This little owl lost his footing while a talented photographer snapped a photo at exactly the right moment.

Whether he managed to get back on the branch or if he fell all the way off we will never know. The photo can only tell us so much.


A Perfect Fauxhawk

That guy isn’t sporting a funky hairstyle. There is actually a bird flying right behind his head.

This photo brings a whole new meaning to the term, “fauxhawk.” If only birds could imitate all kinds of hairstyles. I want to see a bird mullet.

She’s About To Get Very Upset

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets covered in an unknown liquid. For her sake, I hope that’s water.

This is undoubtedly the best moment to catch on camera in this sequence of events, but I do kind of want to see her face right after impact.


Stuck In The Mud

I like how this photographer captured the expression of instant regret on this poor dog’s face.

Running in the mud can be a difficult task. It’s ok, pupper, you can get right back up and try again. Read ahead for a bridesmaid who just couldn’t keep it together.


Don’t Spill The Beans

This guy had literally one job. Now that carpet is going to have a huge stain on it. Is there a better excuse to get hardwood put in? I don’t think so.

Also, Someone is going to have to make another batch of whatever food that is.


Get Right Back On The Horse

I think there are actually three kids falling off that horse. That is too many kids to put on a horse. Maybe that’s why they fell off.

The guy holding the camera seems to be their father. Maybe he should be watching his kids instead of trying to take a selfie.


It Was All Just Too Much

The groom’s sister hadn’t eaten all day and couldn’t take the heat coming in from those windows. Bridesmaid number two does not look impressed.

She knows she should have been the maid of honor and this is exactly why. She would never faint in the middle of the ceremony.


A Firely Affair

This lady set her hair on fire while blowing out her birthday candles. This photo was taken the split second before anybody noticed what had happened.

Make sure you always tie your hair back before you stick your face near a cake full of fire. Read on for a dog whose eyes are transfixed on a treat.

Total Eclipse Of The Bird

Lens flare and some very good timing allowed this photographer to capture an eclipse on the underside of this bird’s wing.

Eclipses don’t come around all too often, so a photo like this is extremely rare. I wish I could get that bird to sign a copy of this photo.


A Disaster Waiting To Happen

Well, that’s one way to get out of a boring conversation. Just, splash and you’re out.

Also, she is making absolutely no effort to break her fall. This photo must have been taken before she knew she was falling. Nice tan though, dude in the foreground. Nice tan.


One Ring To Rule Them All

It looks like this dog has Jedi powers. It also looks like he’s very, very excited to get his teeth around that little treat.

The angles in this photo are particularly good. I like how the photographer got the shot right when the treat was in the middle of the dog’s forehead.


Someone’s About To Be Dinner

Photo Credit: Reddit

This is a double-crested cormorant about to eat a fish for dinner. The composition of this photo is excellent.

The fish is right in the middle of the bird’s beak, but the bird hasn’t gotten a bite in yet. It’s a bad time to be that fish though.


No Style Point Were Awarded

Photo Credit: paperhatprophet/reddit

You don’t get points for waving as you fall off your skateboard. That’s what this sick trickster learned the hard way his the concrete beneath. At least he thinks he looks cool doing it.

Actually, he looks pretty emotionless as he falls. Maybe he did it just for this picture. In that case, style points will still not be rewarded!


The God Of Lighting Strikes Again

Photo Credit:reddit

You mess with nature you get burned! We have no idea what this tree did to incur nature’s wrath, but thank god someone was there to capture the moment.

We wonder though, did the tree not produce enough oxygen? Did it produce too much oxygen? The world will never know, and that’s probably best for us all.


The Danger Is In The Beauty

Photo Credit: wadeybb/reddit

Things didn’t quite out for the poor fish in this photo, but who cares when the color composure is so amazing. The contract of the bird over the water. The details in the tiny water drops! We’re blown away.

It’s all okay, little fish, you were eaten for the best cause. Nature can be violent, but sometimes there is incredible beauty in that.


Just Give The Bird The Fish

Photo Credit: Cloudy_Memory_Loss/reddit

Apparently, this innocent girl was trying to feed the seals you can’t the fish in her hand. This bird had other ideas. You know what seals? You snooze you lose. The tortoise doesn’t always beat the hare!

Kudos to this little girl for not scare either. If I was feeding something in the water and something the air attacked me, let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty.


Who Has Better Hair?

Photo Credit:ruwanvanlaar/reddit

Which horse do you think has better hair? Both have long straight flowing locks, but one of them wears it better. You can’t decide? That’s okay, they’ll decide for you, by fighting!

Of course, they probably aren’t fighting over who has better hair. They definitely aren’t fighting over who has better hair. We just wish they were.


We Found The Gold

Photo Credit: RampChurch/reddit

They say the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow. This rainbow is being pretty lazy just giving away the location of the booty! The only mystery now is how to get up to the plane to win the cash prize.

Maybe it’s a plane full of leprechauns, all moving their gold to hide in new locations! That’s a plane we want to be passengers on.


Whatcha Doing?

Photo Credit: OBLIVIATER/reddit

Nothing ruins a perfect picture of the sun setting than man’s best friend jumping into the frame. Throw it the ball! That’s all the curious pupper wants.

While you’re too busy making sure the sun is in the perfect spot and the color is just right for social media, your poop dog is starving for attention. And plain starving because of your neglect!


Let’s See The Rock Do That

Photo Credit: AlphaCentauriKid/reddit

So this munchkin probably isn’t doing no-leg pushups, but the picture makes a convincing case she is. And now the Rock is trembling in his boots!

What was she doing? Our best guess is falling, which is pretty funny. She bracing herself and might have a classic faceplant in the process. In our heart, she’ll always be doing pushups with no legs.


You Had A Good Run, Horse Fly

Photo Credit: lunaislife/reddit

This fly bugged the wrong dog! What vicious way to have your already short life shortened. At some point, you’d think the fly would see the giant jaws of the dog coming down and book the other way.

According to the photographer, that didn’t happen. This dog won the battle, but the war between horse flies and house dogs rages on!


And That’s The Pavement!

Photo Credit: angelina_scarlet/reddit

This is the artsiest photo of a skateboard fail you are ever going to see. What followed was the pain of the process. Great art hurts, and this person paid for it in blood.

Do you know what the worst part is? That’s a long road to tumble. Hopefully, they have 911 on speed dial


This Bird Messed With The Wrong Woman

Photo Credit: Truthisnotwallowed/reddit

This seagull learned a rough lesson when it tried to steal this woman’s food. She was having none of it and grabbed the bird by the throat to prove it. We’re guessing this isn’t her first rodeo.

Birds don’t usually show emotion, but that looks like a genuine amount of shock from this one. The perfect crime just backfired, now it must pay the price.


Nice Hair!

Photo Credit: wadeybb/reddit

First off, this is one of the most amazing pictures we’ve ever seen. Secondly, we had no idea orcas had hair. That is hair, right? We’re going with hair, no need to google this one.

Back to the beauty of the photo now. Everything is perfect. If you folding it in half the two sides would match perfectly.


The One Where The Bird Gets Away

Not surprisingly, it’s easier for seagulls to steal food from children the grown adults. The bird finds it mark and swoops down just before he can take a bite. He does still take a bit… of air!

We’re sure his parents will buy him a new hot dog. The seagull wins this round, but that salt bomb in its mouth is going to lead to some nasty aviary heartburn.

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