These Are The Most Beautiful Twins In The World! Here’s The Real Story Behind Their Rise To Fame

The Real Story Behind The Gorgeous Clements Twins And Their Rise To Fame

Ever heard of the Clements twins? If you didn’t know, Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements are popularly known as the most beautiful twins in the world. These two little ladies started garnering the world’s attention after their mom, Jaqi Clements, made and posted their photos on Instagram. That move proved to be a worthy investment because soon enough, the twins became more famous than ever before, with over 500,000 followers to boot. How exactly did they reach this level of fame at such young ages? Well, here’s their story:

Sally Struthers — July 28, 1947

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Whether it was the stage, TV, or the big screen, she left her mark everywhere. Her big bank accounts have ensured that she will stay away from bankruptcy for the rest of her life. Let’s hope her financial planning advisor has made a great retirement plan for her!

People Were Amazed

As soon as the twins were born, close friends and family were in awe of Ava and Leah’s beauty. Even as newborn babies, Ava and Leah exuded the kind of charm that took everyone’s breath away. Jaqi’s close friends and relatives saw potential in the twins, and they even suggested that Jaqi should sign them up in a modeling agency. Perhaps doing so could be a great investment for the future of her twins. She initially signed a contract when Ava and Leah were six months old but quickly changed her mind only after three months. After all, the twins were still far too young to be exposed to such a stressful work environment!

Back to Home, Back to Mom

Jaqi, along with her husband, focused on raising the twins and their brother, Chase Robert, properly so they could enjoy a wonderful childhood experience. Their investments paid off and their kids grew up in a loving home and a healthy environment. But the idea of a modeling career for her kids was always in the back of Jaqi’s mind — she merely waited for the right time. The perfect opportunity came when the twins turned seven.

Lucky Number Seven

When Ava and Leah turned seven, Jaqi felt that that was the right opportunity to talk to the girls about modeling. Jaqi felt that seven was a lucky number especially for the twins because, for one, they were born on July 7 (7/7), and they turned seven years old in 2017! When she and her husband introduced the idea of modeling to the twins, both Ava and Leah immediately agreed! Relying on the luck of the number seven turned out to be a great investment!

The Start of Something New

Mommy Jaqi knew it was the right time because the twins loved being the center of attention while growing up. So to start their modeling career, they had to compile a portfolio to present to modeling agencies. They took up a small project in their own neighborhood to initiate the start of their career — a neighbor was in dire need of child models to promote her pop-up boutiques. Jaqi, being a resourceful woman, managed this first photo shoot with an old camera and took the pictures herself.

The Aftermath of their First Photo Shoot

After viewing their photos for their neighbor’s promotional materials, Ava and Leah were pleased with how everything turned out and used them for their portfolio. Ava and Leah were ecstatic with their first experience posing in front of the camera, more so because their mom was 100% supportive about it. The twins seemed to enjoy this first little project more than their swimming and dancing lessons!

Planning Their Next Move

Immediately after the first successful photo shoot, the mother of three decided to reach out to agents and potential clients. She was looking for a modeling agency which would promote the kids to big corporate houses. The twins were also eager to start their modeling career professionally. They simply loved posing in front of the camera and having a lot of fun! While other kids their age were busy playing under the sun, Ava and Leah were planning their next move to achieve stardom! They were still two normal kids who were in the pink of health but they already had big dreams for their future.

The Offers Came Pouring In

Jaqi kept her fingers crossed, wishing and hoping that one or two agencies would see the potential in her gorgeous daughters and accept their portfolio. Her hopes were soon answered, and to the delight of the entire family, almost every agency that Jaqi had contacted had shown interest in roping in the twins for their upcoming projects. They were eager to meet the adorable twins, and soon after, Ava and Leah were able to create a steady stream of earnings. Mommy Jaqi was literally overwhelmed by the response!

Why Are They So Popular?

Their mesmerizing eyes, combined with their soft features and charming smiles, were perhaps the reason why they were welcomed wholeheartedly in the modeling circuit for children. That’s not to say that other child models aren’t adorable, but Ava and Leah have certain chemistry together in front of the camera. Modeling seemed to come naturally to them, and they rocked each project they received. They’re barely even in their teens and yet they already have earnings of their own!

Jaqi Chose Two Agencies

As a sea of offers came pouring in, Jaqi had a hard time choosing one from the lot. Ultimately, she decided to stick to two modeling agencies that would represent the twins. One of these agencies has their headquarters in LA and the second one was based in Orange County. Jaqi initially thought that since the agencies are located in different regions, there would be no conflict between them. However, things didn’t fall in order, and she soon felt the need for the intervention of a lawyer.

The Battle of the Two Agencies

The conflict between the two agencies escalated quickly, and things became complicated for momma Jaqi. One of the agencies managed to get an audition for the twins for a Barbie doll campaign, but the second agency got the same audition only a few days later. The twins couldn’t do anything to deal with this kind of an adult problem, and Jaqi was doing her best to come up with a compromise. However, the situation only worsened, and Jaqi was left with no choice but to consult an attorney to resolve the matter.

Jaqi Remained Honest

However, Jaqi ultimately decided not to drag the matter to court because it might only cause stress and further delay the career of Ava and Leah. Instead, she decided to disclose everything to both agencies. She explained to both agencies why she wants her kids to be represented by both of them. She wanted to enter a long-term and symbiotic business relationship with both. Of course, she had to work it all out on her own and both the agencies finally agreed to resolve the matter without involving an attorney.

The Girls Started To Garner Instagram Fame

The twins were getting constant public and media attention, thanks to the excellent efforts made by the modeling agencies. Jaqi wanted to step up her game and decided to launch an Instagram account for her girls. She opened an account on Instagram with the handle @clementstwins. Their profile soon caught the attention of thousands of Instagram users. Within only three months, the account managed to get one thousand followers, and Ava and Leah soon became extremely popular on the social media platform. The number of followers quickly rose to 3000, and that was just the beginning. Jaqi could have easily monetized the Instagram account and fill up her bank account with loads of money!

The Image Quality Was Excellent

At first, Jaqi would snap adorable pics of her kids and upload them on Instagram. Soon, she realized that the images needed a pro touch and hired a professional photographer to do the job with the utmost professionalism. The quality of the images was drastically improved, and this played a key role in attracting even more people. After this wise investment on their mom’s part, Ava and Leah got 12K more followers in only one week, and when Jaqi started to upload images more frequently, the number of followers reached 25K!

The Twins Conquered Instagram

Instagram users soon fell in love with the adorable kids and their mesmerizing beauty — so much so that various users started to re-post Ava and Leah’s photos more frequently. Jaqi didn’t even think that her kids would become Instagram stars within a few weeks. But it happened, all thanks to Jaqi’s investment in professional photography. In fact, the twins were even featured on accounts with more than nine million followers. That was massive! It gave their career an even bigger boost which is something that most Instagram influencers struggle to achieve.

The Twins Factor

As mentioned before, Mommy Jaqi’s wise investment in hiring a professional photographer paid off big time when it came to drawing the attention of the crowd to the twins’ Instagram account. But aside from this, what were the other reasons behind the tremendous popularity of the kids on Instagram? It goes without saying that they are good-looking kids, and they definitely exude a certain charm that it’s hard not to notice them. But it is perhaps the fact that they are twins who model together that has led them to the kind of success that they have now. People love looking at twins, especially if they are beautiful. It’s easy to see why their follower count skyrocketed to 700,000 in just months! And now, the twins have a whopping 1.3 million followers!

The Weekend Photo Sessions

Jaqi was really fortunate to get the help of her neighbors. Remember the neighbor who gave the kids their first major break in modeling? Well, this time, that same neighbor turned into a Good Samaritan and provided the mother of three with fashionable clothes for their weekend photo sessions. What did she get in return? A chance to promote her business for free with the lovely photos of two budding models wearing the dresses she sells. Isn’t it amazing? This way, both parties didn’t have to break their bank accounts. On sunny weekends, Jaqi does all the photo sessions instead of a pro photographer to spend some quality time with her kids.

Clever Tricks

It takes a lot of effort to make someone an Instagram celebrity. Jaqi, a loving parent of three kids, made use of some clever tricks to give something new to the numerous followers of her kids’ Instagram account. She didn’t want the Instagram pics to be boring and monotonous. So she brainstormed for creative ideas to keep things fresh and new. She often changes the hairstyle and makeup of the twins between photo sessions. Of course, she doesn’t apply anti-aging products on her kids, but she always makes it a point to use the best makeup products for kids.

People Are Completely Bowled Over


Since the kids don attractive outfits and their hairstyle changes with every photo shoot, their followers never get bored. Instead, whenever Jaqi uploads a new pic, she now gets tons of comments aside from thousands of likes. Followers have expressed their awe at how beautiful Ava and Leah are, and they wait eagerly for new pics to be uploaded. Up until now, Jaqi has never failed to disappoint the followers of the page. We guess her earnings from the Instagram account have increased manifold.

A Plethora of Offers Keep Coming


The twins are so popular on the social networking site that top agencies have started to follow their profiles. The girls have even started to win contracts with top children’s dresses brands and fashion magazines. We are quite sure that Jaqi and the kids won’t face bankruptcy in the foreseeable future, and the credit goes to momma Jaqi who supported them from the very beginning. These two can certainly give any model a run for their money!

Their Demand Is Increasing

Want to know exactly how popular the Clements twins are at this moment? Well, back in 2017, the twins had six projects in just one week! Undoubtedly, the demand for the twins is ever increasing, and there’s no sign that their popularity would dwindle. The kids must be super busy doing one photo session after another for different projects, traveling to and from agency offices and handling all the pressure that comes with fame. But we’re sure that their doting mom ensures that they’re in the best of health at all times.

Ava and Leah Are Easy To Get Along With

Ever since they worked as models for the neighborhood store, the kids have barely got the time to unwind themselves. Of course, they get their necessary breaks in between photo sessions and projects, but we think the twins must be stressed by the fame that they have garnered at a young age. However, nothing could take away the charm and friendliness from the twins. According to Jaqi, they love to meet new people and are extremely easy to get along with. Whenever they meet new people, they become friends with them, irrespective of their age. Despite the pressure of fame, the twins surely know how to handle themselves properly. In fact, we think that the way they live a normal lifestyle despite being huge celebrities is commendable.

The First Catwalk

The twins haven’t just appeared on magazine covers and different commercials, but they have also officially started walking the ramp. They made their first appearance on the ramp in February last year, and we heard that they quite enjoyed every bit of it. By doing such a big project, Ava and Leah have boosted their careers on a whole new level. Walking on the ramp is something that every model aspires to do, and the twins have already accomplished that despite being so young! Great going!

Going Solo

As twins, Ava and Leah are almost inseparable — their closeness is reflected in their Instagram posts. However, there have been instances of one of the twins going solo for advertising or promotional campaigns. Jaqi knows that every opportunity for the kids is precious, and she never lets an opportunity slip away. For instance, Leah Rose, one of the twins, appeared on the cover of a kids’ magazine in September 2017. Jaqi certainly knows how to build wealth gradually, and strategically!

They Stick Together Almost Always


Anybody who follows the Clements twins on Instagram would be able to recognize the companionship and closeness that the twin sisters share. Although each of the sisters has developed a unique identity, they seem to have a reciprocal relationship. They do a lot of photo sessions together, go to auditions together, and love to spend time together. We bet the happy family won’t need any sort of relationship counseling because they’ve managed to build a bond strong enough to keep their relationship fruitful and loving.

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