Photos Of Ivanka’s Early Life She Never Wanted Us To See

The past few years have given us countless glimpses of Donald Trump’s family. However, one family member remains surprisingly enigmatic: Ivanka Trump.

Perhaps taking a note from her father, Ivanka Trump is constantly rebranding herself. She’s been an executive for the Trump Organization, but she’s also headlined her own luxury fashion brand. She’s a published motivational writer, and she’s also served as Advisor to the President and even made a prominent appearance at the G20 Summit.

Even for Ivanka’s biggest fans, this leads to a simple question: who is Ivanka, really?

It’s tough to get that answer these days. As both politician and celebrity, Ivanka Trump has mastered the art of creating her own narrative and hiding how she truly feels.

But that wasn’t always the case. Photos of the early life of Ivanka, born in 1981, give a rare glimpse into her relationship with her parents, her curiosity about the world, and her growing inspiration to leave her mark on the world just as her famous father did before her.

If you want to get a look at the real Ivanka Trump, look no further than these rare photos of her life as a child, teenager, and in her early 20s. These powerful images give us an interesting glimpse of where Ivanka comes from and quite possibly what her future may hold.

1986: One Big Happy Family

Here, we can see a very young Ivanka flashing her best smile! This is from a family photo taken way back in 1986.

1991: Let’s Go To The Movies

Donald Trump loves movies… both starring in them and watching them. Here we see him taking Ivanka to the 1991 premiere of the film Stepping Out.

1991: Sports With Dad

Donald Trump has never been afraid to bring Ivanka to various events. In this case, he brought her to the U.S. Open in 1991.

1991: Getting Dad’s Attention

Donald Trump has made no secret that Ivanka Trump is his favorite child. Maybe it’s because she never hesitated to get his attention, which is what she is doing in this photo from 1991.

1991: Not-So-Happy Camper

Just because Donald took her almost everywhere doesn’t mean that Ivanka always liked it! Here, she seems to be pouting about appearing with dad at the Plaza Hotel in 1991.

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