Eat your burgers upside-down, food experts say

It doesn’t matter if your idea of a perfect burger is a double cheeseburger with bacon or a veggie burger with sprouts. Bottom line: you’re not eating your burger right.

According to food bloggers, turning your burger upside-down before you chow down is the best method of eating it. No, really. 

One of the main reasons for this flip-side way of eating a burger is that the crown, or top of the bun, is usually thicker than the bottom, or heel. 

The thicker, top part of the burger bun, food experts say, can better withstand all the meat and vegetable juices and condiments than the thinner bottom of the bun that gets soggier more quickly. 

‘The crown will then hold the weight of everything else, and there is less likelihood of it falling apart in your hands,’ Simon Dukes, founder of the Burger Lad blog told Business Insider Friday. ‘A true burger connoisseur should always eat their burgers upside down.’

Matt Ester, founder of The Burger List, agreed.  Life hacks expert suggests eating hamburgers upside down | Fox News

‘At first, I would have said that this is ridiculous,’ he told Business Insider. ‘I’ve always eaten burgers the ‘proper way.’ But it actually makes sense.’

While flipping the entire burger is preferable, foodies can’t agree when this should happen. Is it better to flip the entire burger on your plate as soon as you get it, or should you only flip the burger as you bring it to your mouth?

Perhaps it’s best to determine your flipping method through experimentation. Either way, you may never have to suffer through a soggy bottom (on your burger bun) again. 

Now if we could just figure out a better way to eat a hot dog


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