5 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Dallas

Are you considering a move to the city of Dallas? Because it is one of the most diverse cities in the US, moving there is a good choice. Its sheer size can be overwhelming, especially if you are from a small town. Before you make your move, here are the 5 things that you need to know before moving to Dallas:

Dallas Is a Food Town

No matter where you are moving from, you are likely to find your favorite food in Dallas. With plentiful restaurant options, Dallas has plenty of cuisines from which you can choose. If you love to eat at restaurants, you will be pleased with the wide array of choices that this city has to offer.

You will also come across many grocery store options: European, Asian, and Latin stores. This comes in handy if you want to cook food from your home country and need some special ingredients. In Dallas, you will find whatever you want to eat.

Dallas Has a Great Music Scene

If you are a music fan, Dallas is the place to be if you want to see the best musicians in the US. Visit the American Airlines Center to see the biggest stars. No matter what your taste in music is, you are likely to find it in Dallas.

Visit Deep Ellum, which is home to numerous nightclubs and bars that are full of personality. You do not have to spend your free time indoors because there are many shows to see in this city.

Dallas Has Many Cool Neighborhoods

When researching the Dallas neighborhoods, you might feel overwhelmed by their sheer number. Here are the top neighborhoods that you should consider:

Grapevine – the residents of this town enjoy low taxes, a great school system, and wonderful parks. Many people flock to Grapevine to see events and festivals. Unsurprisingly, this town is home to numerous wineries.

M Streets – this area is home to families and couples that like to be near the downtown region. Thanks to its tree-lined streets and charming homes, M Streets attracts many young families. With patio bars, shops, and restaurants within walking distance, this is a great area to live.

Uptown – this part of Dallas is a bit hipster with the perfect blend of cafes, bars, and clubs. The Uptown Dallas neighborhood offers the type of urban lifestyle that we see in movies.

Trophy Club – this neighborhood has outstanding schools, golf clubs, and park systems. Although the town is growing quickly, the community still has a small-town feel.

Dallas Has a High Cost of Living

Starting your own business or finding a job in Dallas is not hard. However, you need to know how far the dollar stretches in this city. Like most major cities, the cost of living is high in Dallas. For instance, the cost of renting an apartment is a bit over the national average.

This means that you will need to have a high income to live in Dallas. However, if you search well, you are likely to find a neighborhood that complements your budget. Despite the city’s high cost of living, you will find that the prices are somewhat reasonable.

In general, the cost of housing is higher than usual but you should keep in mind that Dallas is a big city. Of course, you should expect things to be a bit pricey.

Dallas Has a Thriving Job Market

This city is among the top ten cities in America for careers and business. This tells you that Dallas has a thriving job market. Although it is known as a struggling oil hub, Dallas still manages to have steady job growth. Moreover, the incomes in this city are getting more competitive with time.

The general income of a Dallas household is 67,900 dollars – this is much higher than in other areas. With regards to the creation of jobs, Dallas ranks as the 14th best American city. Whether you want to seek employment or start your own business, Dallas is the place to be.


You should consider the above things before upending your life and moving to the city of Dallas. Other than the high cost of living, Dallas has a thriving job market, cool neighborhoods, great music, and many food options. 

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